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Let's transcend together...

About Autumn

Hello Lovely beings of Source :)


-Inhale and Exhale-


Thank you for taking some time to slow down and read about my story, my offerings to you, and to the greater collective. ​

I've been an entrepreneur my whole life, I've had a way to getting what I want, almost to a chronic point of being a diva, and throwing my sass and class around. 

I hate being told I can't do something....I'll find a will, way and how to get what needs to be done...Completed.


Oh the masculine in me.

However, My ability to manipulate turned wayside when I grew into learning my own heart and I now know how to established a balance of love and direction... Well... Mostly. 

I have always lead more with my heart, and now I am seeking to heal others through my journey of reconnecting with my empathy and balancing my direction. 

The feminine, and the masculine. :)

I've always loved Mother Nature and felt a strong sense of connection, and empathy for her and the creations she's offered to us.... 

I've desired to find a way to deepen with her, cultivate with her and live in reciprocity with her... 

I've arrived at offering myself as a mother, an unconditional lover, and a protector, to live with minimal resources, but the ones I do to be with intention, consciousness and embodiment.

Let's practice playing with imperfect energy through alchemy :) 

Alone we can connect

Alone we can heal

Alone we can deepen

Together we can connect

Together we can heal

Together we can deepen

Alone we can hold space

Alone we can alchemize

Alone we can transcend

Together we can hold space

Together we can alchemize

Together we can transcend

Where ever you are... 

Where ever you are not...

You are welcomed


you are challenged

Or you are welcomed through your challenges :)

Welcome to the divine :) 

My name is Autumn, 

I have over 1111 weeks of experience tuning into non-verbal communication with highly sensitive beings

I have 15 years of experience in care taking of children and elders

I have over 500,000 miles of cross country travel experience

I have 6 years of experience leading groups through various projects and activities, both physically and interpersonally

I have four years of experience living in community with at-risk youth


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a minor in Criminal Justice

I have three years of experience sustainable farming

A passion for social justice causes

I have a CNA, and a Doula Certification