Ever practice begins and ends with our awareness. 

We are limited to our own perception, and our perception is reality.

I welcome you as you are(The feminine love)


I will challenge you(Masculine love)

  • Empathic Space Holding

  • Problem Solving

  • Self Care Routine

  • Childcare

  • Animal Care

  • House Sitting

Suggested Donation - $44.44 per hour

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Are you needing some lasting support, or a boost in your routine? 

I am available to be in your home for the services you require to make lasting changes in your life. 

What's holding you back?

​Residential Support is paid for with a 50% deposit at the signing of the contract the remaining 50% will be paid before the start of the contract. Thank You! 

  • Routine Implementation

  • Childcare

  • Health Care

  • Companion Support

  • Organizing

  • Simplifying

  • Errands

  • Self Love Routines

Weekly​ -$777.77

Please reach out to me DIRECTLY to see about availability for this service.... before checking out through ETSY.

Scholarships are available. 

Support, Tools & Resources

Are you feeling sad, helpless, alone, are you feeling like this sounds like a shitty informercial? 

You can experience more engaging support through the social media above ;-) 

Divine Encounters offer guided meditations, spiritual reflections, tools, and resources of masculine feminine spiritual aligment. 


You can review my blog, follow me on Social Media, or tune into one of the courses I've written about deepening your connection with yourself. :) 

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Opportunities for darkness start at 222.22

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