Enliven Your Body

Updated: Sep 14

And patience, in yourself, and others. :)

Living in your body is scary... It take bravery, courage, believing in yourself

It also takes relaxation, breath-work, yoga, and connecting with deep parts of yourself, that you may have never accessed before. :)

I have always felt confused by the wisdom I've held, and shared. I felt it's never wanted but always needed, and I've given it when not invited but confused because who am I to share?

What have I been through? I don't live in others bodies, I can't know what's alive for them... Everyone has their own journey? I don't know... if now, then, left, right is the "right" time. But we all start somewhere, let go of self judgement, shame, confusion, and embrace what your body is telling you :)

For me... It's been connecting with love, life energy, wisdom, and embodiment, movement - breath-work, yoga.
Feeling confusion, closure, or annoyance, anger, and breathing into my body, and opening to the divine to settle into calmness, flow, play, laughter, animations, animals?
It's not about doing it perfect, or waiting for the perfect time, believe in yourself from the inside out. :) Eliminate mental distractions, or find enlivening ways of connecting to what our true soul calling is... What keeps you from being totally present? What are your deepest gifts?
For me also believing in the divine feminine, the practice of believing in what is not science, or explained only what is felt, seen, heard, measurable, and rational.

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