Camper Life = Gypsy Life


So you wanna live in a camper aye? Try out the bohemian gypsy lifestyle? Maybe you want to just save some mad $$, or maybe you like simplicity?!


I really love the camper lifestyle, it’s been part of my life since I was a wee child, and we drive from my home in Lansdale PA to Dallas, TX in a motorhome with my mom, my dad and my little brother David.

We “Prettymans’” have such an original way of doing things… ;-)

Life is a mother fucking adventure y’all.

Be in the flow of what is, what’s natural, and what feels enlivening.

You might not be able to prettier, smarter, taller, richer than anyone else, but I for damn sure am going to try and have a cooler story than everyone else.

To me…. To travel, to flow, to experience, to experiment, to adventure are all that enlivens me.

So…. Here’s too taking the road less traveled.

Now…That we are all inspired and stuff….

Let’s talk about what keeps me hooked on this lifestyle…..and how you’ll become hooked too….then I’ll share some struggles and annoyances, then we will wrap up with the logistics of getting started.

Freedom. Oh, my god. Freedom financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Control - I feel in control of my life, my environment, my space, and my body.

Simplicity – You have all that you need to sustain, nourish and thrive within 32 feet of you.

Spirituality – I feel so connected to the element of Mother Earth, her sounds, her smells, her cries, her sights.

Challenges – Nothing worth having comes easy…

Camper Life is social change.

It will challenge you – You will cultivate a value on the things that really matter most to you. There isn’t room for bullshit. I strongly believe, a powerful transition for human beings is to have a deepening connection with source, source or water, energy, food, poop…. When we are directly responsible for understanding the volume of water, energy and waste we product, we will develop a respect for the systems that keep us disconnected from this knowledge.

Living in scarcity, or knowing the energy that goes into maintaining our basic needs will inspire you to be a more conscious consumer.

When you have to know, where, how, when to get water, electricity, and dump your poop, you will develop a relationship with these practices we take for granted when we have houses, running water, indoor plumbing, and trash services….

Some sites are easier than others, but sometimes you learn thing the hard way.

Emotional Things.

1. People won’t understand unless they’ve lived it, and worked through the struggles that come along with camper life.

2. It’s more expensive than you think – Things break much more easily, again though mindfulness and softness can support the longevity of your home.

3. Insurance companies don’t help. – I’ve yet to find an insurance company that understands living in a tiny house, a camper, or a bus…. So ask a lot of questions and get the most information you can….nothing is perfect.

Physical things

1. You will always have trash, though again, it can inspire you to play with the idea of a zero waste life, IE repurposing, renewable products, knowing where your items come from and go.

2. It’s difficult to get mail sometimes… Some campgrounds welcome shipments, but it does take time to know what your ordering and how long it will take to arrive.

3. You might not sleep well…. It’s a huge transition with a lot of changes in smells, sounds, temperatures, and it’s challenging to regulate independently, it takes a few months of sleeping in a camper to really relax into the change.


Buying a rig can be soooo much fun!! Or it can be a huge drag.


Check in with yourself, your family and your community.

How is this going to serve us, what am I needing, and ask for a novice non-judgmental opinion. They will think of things you’ve forgotten about.

Do I want a bus, a RV, a pull behind, a tiny house? Among other questions…

All have different pros or cons….

I recommend for the initial investor one rig…. For example, a Bus, or an RV versus a tow behind, 5th wheel or tiny house.

It’s just one thing it is so simple.

Okay….. Now onto shopping.

Check various sites, new and used, online and offline.

a. Ask questions

i. How was it stored?

ii. How often was it used?

iii. Why are you selling it?

iv. Check the weight

b. Verify the information they offer by looking around!

i. Look up, look down, look under and above

ii. IF SOMEONE IS UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS…. THAT’S A RED FLAG, an ethical sales specialist will welcome all that you bring.

iii. Check the weight

c. Envision yourself 5 years from now in relation to the rig your with

i. Who will be with me?

ii. Where will I want to go?

iii. What will limit me?

Now….. Is this camper your FUCK YES.

Your maybe?

Your hell no?

Also…. Sometimes….all we need is a gut response.

So honor and trust yourself along with these details, and be patient, look at some that are out of your budget just for fun, look at some that would probably be hell no, to know the whole spectrum, take your time. I looked for 6 months for the perfect truck, and 3 months for the perfect camper and they were both worth the wait.

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