Finding a Connection with Spirit

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I’ve always had a strong connection with Mother Earth, and felt the desire to connect with “Signs” reading into astrology, understanding my dreams, tarot readings, but ---

I don’t do that hippie woo shit. Nah…. Doesn’t make any sense, any sense? Nahhh it doesn’t!!! Of course it doesn’t “make sense” it is sense. It just….is.

That intuition, or “sense" or we aren’t often allowed to deepen through poor culture structure, control forces, questioning, confusion, misunderstanding, and the patriarchy. We disconnect from that sense that forgotten sense of our bodily experience, based on generations of energy from souls that have connected through time… Time – is a masculine practice. Ugh…

But I’ve also felt skeptical because I wanted synchronicity and clarity, and it seemed as though a lot of the readings weren’t that way...

Lord have it Jesus was not the way of the world for me. – Even the thought of the name just ---blehhh…

Also--- So many people speak about Spirit, and it just didn’t seem like “spirituality” that I wanted, or needed….it just seemed off in some way.

Well DUH! Everyone has a different relationship with Spirit. There is no Right or Wrong, there’s no black or white. It’s all different, empowering, authentic creative energy!

It’s everywhere, no matter what, you can choose to listen or not…It will feel more natural the more you tune into different signs to let go of reasoning, I’ve surrendered into being present with all the signs…. I’m connecting with spirit to deepen my connections, to learn and understand how to let spirit guide and support me….It’s a practice, but hey!

I’ve been…. Like dating? I’ve been cultivating motherhood, cultivating community, and deepening spiritually over the past few years, mostly through understanding intuition, being with women, and more aware humans.

So in dating, I’ve been pursued mostly superficially by lots of different men. I’m kinda hot, but mostly I’m pretty intense. Men pursuing me have felt overwhelmingly confusing my whole life, because mostly they don’t stick around, it’s like they love me or hate me. It’s like…. WTF. It’s kind of annoying, but it’s allowed me to really really connect with my spiritual practice, and consider what’s kept me from having deep meaningful connections, and it’s confusing still because. I can’t seem to get it right. Or did I?

Anyways… I had a lot of signs everyday… several times a day, they were in nature, through the phone, through the technology, in my body…I would think of the circumstances and it would be CLEAR I needed to connect about this energy somehow…. I tried and tried to deny them, until this one sign I just couldn’t ignore…. I was walking into a restaurant, and I heard and saw 3 Jeeps beeped and honk simultaneously… Woah. I looked around…there was no one I the parking lot, no one to facilitate such things, and Q…well he had a Jeep. FUCK.– That was it. I surrendered. Okay Spirit! I am listening…. Then…. Crickets. Well literal crickets but also no, more, signs after that one, but I requested 3 signs a day, and… that was the third one. Even this…. Connection to manifestation, makes me smile J Yes please…. more…. it’s drawling me in… seducing me. Yummm…. Mmmm….

Apparently Kris had chosen a different path for us all, because she had manifested through her dreams a disconnection from me. I love you boo…I wish you the best! I know our paths will cross again! I think it will be in this lifetime, but definitely in another.

Mostly, I didn’t even believe them. I was just like, what do they mean…what’s this telling me, I’m not ready, I’m scared. I can’t….I just blah blah… That I was supposed to leave capitalism to connect with this man and his daughter, we’ll call him “Bob”. LOL…. However,

The signs to connect with BOB did stop, but I couldn’t ignore them! I surrendered, I accepted, SPIRIT IS REAL! It lives in everything, everyone at all moments in time. Gah – heaves and pants! But…. Then, they all stopped. So WTF?! I don’t know…. Right I don’t know, you really never know you just feel, accept and move from a place of understanding, and continue to believe, deepen and honor yourself, and your powers will get stronger J

I wish I had “documented” these undeniable signs, but I am…documenting them from here on out….like yesterday!! I am sharing my story!

Anyways, since I’ve been connecting and listening, it’s only been getting deeper and deeper!

Though….I wish I could have a little more clarity, I’m manifesting clarity, Yes….I am!

How do you manifest?

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