Simply Put - Feminine(Feeling) and Masculine(Thought)

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The Masculine and the Feminine

People that know me now, know I love to talk about my feminine… And…. Now, that I’ve embodied my own flow through my connections with others. I can talk about the balance. Yes…. The Yin/Yang. The divine feminine and masculine, the synchronistic power of communion. Mmm…. Thank you spirit, and mother earthy for guiding me on this journey. I am sorry it's taken me so long to believe in you unconditionally.

What is the feminine?

The feminine is emotion, is intuition, is flow, is metaphysical, is life, is spontaneous responding to your environment without “thinking”.

It’s the power of knowing your environment, knowing where to move from, tune into what matters most at every present moment from a bodily sense, it’s the unconditional support, love and acceptance, it’s the delight in feeling love and connection.

So… What’s the masculine?

The Masculine is thought, consciousness, direction, logic, structured, steadfast, routine, control, planning, and patterns. What am I missing? Erhhhhmmm...

It’s the ability to stand true in your purpose and your direction, the unstoppable force of consciousness and pervasion that can overwhelm but delight...mmmmm.... (Erhm… even writing this, I feel hesitation in my body, because, well. I don’t naturally embody the masculine. I’ve had to adopt a masculine role, and did so by witnessing others, and what qualities I liked and found useful for survival throughout my life... so there’s a disconnection in my masculine experience from my body to my core, and to these experiences, I am witnessing the masculine and sharing what I witness rather than what I feel. ;-)

The power of consciousness versus embodiment. ;-)

How do you honor your masculine and feminine?

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