Kid Superpowers….of the Mind and Spirit!

Super Powers Ayeee…

Kid Superpowers….of the Mind and Spirit!

Your Psychic… I mean, Psychotic, I mean… Both? Depends on my mood…. It all depends on my mood….Or my energy how my mood is displayed through my body…. I think that’s like…energy? Yes…. Energy, flow, expression, radiance, power. Mmmm….oh the femininity!

Well… we all have these spirit powers, magic abilities, super powers, or intuitive powers….. Call…. them anything you want!

I have three distinct memories of feeling, seeing, and living psychic abilities.

One was related to a dream I had, I had a dream I was riding on a white horse, and I fell off…I was stuck on the ground and the group took off without me….They came back, and told me to stop crying, that I was fine. I told them I wasn’t crying because I was hurt. I was crying because I was scared and didn’t understand. I had a 4 minute long period of DejaVu! It was fucking intense. But powerful, then. The dream happened. Which one manifested which one was real though? What is really real? Isn’t reality our perception at that very moment and second in time? So…can’t they both be “real”? And…if they are all reality then can’t we manifest anything we desire. Like Sarah in A Little Princess? Or Matilda?

I chase these feelings of DeJaVu, it’s an amazing transcendence that feels like an awakening… J I have used them as a spirit guide for much of my life, that and dreams. I haven’t really found connection to any other spiritual practice that has served me in a guiding direction, I’ve only ran from the ones I don’t resonate with….Like Jesus –gags- Just the word, makes my blood boil…. UGH!! –shakes and screams-

How can I detox this patriarchal perspective of spirituality? The idea that spirit is a fucking man who rules the world? Ugh –gags-

I don’t know…. I just don’t. One day at a time?


The second memory I have is of writing a song…. And It was such a Pagan song now looking back…. Woah. What a connection to source, mother Gaia, to the planet, the Mountains, Water, she that provides so much for us!!?? It was…. Savage Garden, Truly Madly Deeply… I heard it on the radio and I told my mom. Mom!!! I wrote this song, and now it’s on the radio!!! I was ecstatic, -dances and daydreams- I was gonna be famous, I was proud and strong that like magic –snaps fingers- My creation is out in the world. No one could tell me otherwise.

I want to stand with you on the mountain,

I want to bathe with you in the sea…

I want to lay like this forever, until the sky falls down on me!

What superpowers are you kiddos sharing with you through their openness, their intuition, and their divine connections?

The third one… I was going with my grandmother to a horseback riding lesson, in Middle Pennsylvania. Horses were such a source of connection, confidence, clarity, empathy, responsibility, work ethic, they were my saving grace. They, understood me. Anyways….this place. I had…I had never been there physically, I’d only been to Pennsylvania a handful of times, everything about the place “should” have been foreign…The trees were so tall and diverse, like no trees I’ve ever known in Texas, the roads were windy and of various elevation, Everything in Texas is flat….,, the sounds…. the smells.

My conscious mind didn’t know any of it..…but my body, and spirit knew exactly where I was going… I guided my grandmother along the way, saying this is where we turn, this is the hill we go up, we are almost there,…and she was shocked and confused. But she went along with me, and we arrived safely without getting lost. –smiles to her-

Thanks grandma for always honoring my gifts. You just accepted me soo much, and I feel your energy so often. I feel you here now.

Who honored and supported your gifts? Who challenged your gifts? How do you relate to your gifts now?

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