Responsible Capitalism!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

ARGGGG!! If I only know then what I know now…. –deep breaths-- Thank you, to all the people who practice responsible capitalism, who share your gifts because you believe in the deep power of sharing!

Thank you for being the inspiration that helps people understands how to ethically support community.

It’s still a practice to connect with my own worth, offer my gifts and practice feeling resilience when I experience “rejection” – I love this quote – FAIL, First attempt in learning. GET YOURSELF BACK UP! Keep moving forward… Anyways – There’s a million reasons I can come up with about why money FUCKING sucks, but really…In most of my life never seen capitalism "work". I see people feeling really unhappy, and confused… but I’ve been connecting with the practice of happiness through capitalism? Even now… writing this.. I am still confused. LOL. It’s a practice to find happiness… it’s a practice!

I've been connecting with a subculture of minimalists....I too consider myself a minimalist! But I’ve been minimizing myself out of existence.... Feeling like the only way to live is without money, that the only way worthy of being here is to have my worth attached to only things I put my body into, but not having a way to cultivate, or harvest for myself.... I had lots of shame associated with my worth, and not a lot of resources to get myself the nourishment I needed, or understanding the worth that I was.....

-big sigh- Now I eat. I buy food, I go to grocery stores. I eat by listening to my body, I eat what I want, how I want, with color, texture and flavor and not process so much about all the ways to change my eating patterns.... it just overwhelms me.

Food has been used to control women for thousands of years.

UGH what a burden to hold, anyways, I’ve pondered and considered what it means to have worth, and also be a consumer and producer, and I’ve arrived at…. Support yourself, your community, Support the people, support start ups, support people of color, support families, NOT the corporations. (Also being a mother, that’s my production -- you WIN capitalism, I surrender to my desires!)–Heaves- We can ONLY be responsible for ourselves, we can’t control anyone else. Stop Trying. It’s a practice, and NO ONE is perfect.

Just…. Be as responsible as you can. You will not get it perfect, no matter what…. Another part of my journey has been…. What product to sell? I’ve always loved learning and sharing, but part of me was like – WTF. I don’t have anything to share? Who am I? – AGAIN Insecurity, Shadow. We ALL have gifts! Our gifts are powerful, they are unique and they reflect our journey, our path and our discovering. So…. Here I am offering a product, MYSELF! Woooot!! I am available for…. Wait for it. Life coaching! Insecurity… - Your only 30, what could you know? Bitch please. I know I need support, I ask for help, I struggle, and I want to support others in understanding their undeniable worth because you are here. You are wanted, you are desired, you are worthy...oh soooo worthy! :)

Now... Responsibly, These courses are donation based, for now. >.< -- See pricing


I hope to maintain my current minimalist lifestyle, and the future of being a mom, traveling and offering quality education to my children. ;-)

I’ve always been told – Your so smart, -ugh- I know. You ask great questions! – Well…. One of my products will be a questions…. Questions for you, for others, questions to connect about with yourselves and others. Awareness, and education = empowerment.

But I am not telling you anything you don’t already know, I’m just giving you the opportunity to remember it in yourself. :-D

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