Rosetta's Radiance

Mmmmm….. –sigh- Hello again!

I feel a delight and tickling sensation in my body when I remember how blessed I am that you are here, and I am able to share my story and gifts with you. It’s such a beautiful expression of the divine to contribute to the collective in these ways J

Thank you J

I had such a lovely time connecting with feminine energy today. It was sooo sooo sooo amazing! It was enlivening and motivating. After a rough start to my morning with Oliver came up missing I transitioned into a business meeting with a beautiful powerful woman at Cloud 9 Farm. She’s inviting community from ground 0 and it’s been a rocky little road…but we are figuring it out!

I have got half a dozen or so things going on in my life right now… One of them is….. House hunting! Yay! I love house hunting, except I don’t actually want to live in a house… LOL. I just know others who do, like my Mom!! J Well…I got distracted, then distracted again, then pulled into an antique shop.

Sometimes, I just love myself. I love my ability to connect and relate to soo many different people… She was a strong confident woman who told me the story of purchasing her shops, she called and called this man and finally he said “Okay” You can buy ALLL 5 of them!! She persisted, and she took chances and she recovered. And…. Let me tell you. She was RADIANT! She had a bright smile, clear eyes, she moved her body with class and elegance, and she had hair that was thick and healthy. She spoke with clarity confidence, and empowerment. She even has the softest most concise direction I’ve ever seen a woman have towards her husband. Sooooo… Admirable. I love hearing of strong independent women who support each other… She told me, Her mom wouldn’t finance her. She didn’t want another tie to Old Fort….So…She got financed herself in the 70s!

Tell me about it!! She offered suggestions for places for me vend, and supported my decision to set up “pretty things” when the boys in the shop questioned me. I felt so heard, seen, and valued. She also said she raised 3 kids off the money she made selling at antique markets and flea markets….She says she doesn’t need to sell online, because she’s too old…. But she was alive in telling me whom I could talk with about purchasing property in the area, there were a few building zoned residential/commercial that I could get for a huge steal, but I have to call quick!

She wanted success for me, she showed it, and believed it, she shared her knowledge and information with compassion and connection and it was just pure love. These are the people who support community, who I want to work with and by. J Maybe I could talk to her again about having a “healing office”. Rent studio space to people?

Now what?

Do I go purchase a commercial building and turn it into a Gem shop?

Do I call in investors? Whhhhatttt…to do?

Goddess….I am brave, but I’m not sure I am that brave…. Or am I?

Now….the more I think about it…the more I fall in love with the idea…oh creation energy…. What to do with you?

These are the flows that have me thinking, have me confused, but have me feeling honored and appreciated too.

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