Three Girls in a Van

Three childhood girl friends….

Oh-My-God. Girls…. Girls are challenging, and hurtful sometimes.

I mean…I’m so glad, I don’t remember most of the pain caused by the girls I grew up with, Actually….I’m really glad I didn’t.

Maybe my energy over stimulated them… ahhhh yes! I remember two stories I received and stuck with me, hopefully I can release them now.

One was – “Your too hyper!” It was often and it felt like a judgment, but I often ignored the message and continue to be myself but maybe that’s why I had no friends? L Well….I didn’t have “no friends” I just remember the negative stories hurting me… THANK YOU, negativity bias.

Do y’all know the negativity bias? -- The idea that our brains are wired to stick to negative thoughts like Velcro, and positive thoughts like Teflon? It’s real. It’s potent and I wish I knew how to practice self-compassion at these times… It’s a practice to understand how to meet my own needs at every moment in time, that’s a deep part of my journey now.

Not waiting for someone to meet them for me, but practicing meeting my own energy, seeing and feeling what I need to heal…. and also having a healthy balance of stress and pleasure. J

Anyways --- Ugh….I remember responding about “feeling happy” when I had so much energy, and flippantly saying “So you don’t want me to be happy?” I didn’t understand how to circulate my energy, I could suppress it…which I did, for years, and years and years…. –sigh- I’m still learning to access it again, what to do with it, how to relate to it. It’s always been confusing…

But anyways.

Another story!

Happy time!!!

I became friends with another girl who had more energy than I did, and she used to make a little sound, and a cute spirit fingers dance with herself on her face softly and sweetly.

It was adorable…. Looking back… I’m reflecting on my desire to adopt some practice like that to honor my energy, and share it in a way that didn’t negatively impact others. We were friends for a very long time after those years and shared many lasting memories of expressing ourselves creatively and freely. J

The opening of my own hurt, is allowing my body to feel alive again, and warmness in my heart. I really hope these messages help inspire women to know their own power, believe in their worth, and connect over the positive experiences they can have with each other.

I am also hoping this will inspire people to give their kiddos opportunities to channel their gifts, to deepen themselves in ways that serve them, for who they are. Not….who we want them to be.

These…are also stories for me to reflect on as I move into motherhood and connect with other women that may be struggling to know how to serve their kiddos.

Thank you for being here…

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