Where is home?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I was asked today, Where do you live?

My answer? In my body!

I have been long desiring to become a mother, and have had stories of what it means to be "prepared" before arriving at, I will never be fully prepared, but feeling oh so confused about how to "prepare, and plan" and most recently. I've let go of the idea of "home-base" for the sake of motherhood. I have embraced again a more nomadic lifestyle, bought a camper, and felt so liberated and free.

I look for weeks(the most thorough, conscious purchase I've every made!) and I fell in love with one, but the middle aged Trump supportin' boys failed to call me back after several attempts and I found one 10X better for only a little more dough, I bought it from a Steelers veteran with two daughters who was cool and collected without any sexual advances. It was a great purchase.

My first stop was at the Tom Johnson camping center, where I "accidentally" ended up next to a Bluegrass gathering! I had forgotten what hospitality was like, and how kind people can be, and was a little confused at Chris attempts to help me with my camper, though I

warmed up quickly to the group after that and his wife Sarah was such a gem. We shared laughs of wit and humor, we also shared stories of traveling, and life journey. They prayed for my safe travel, and for a gift of motherhood from me, in whatever form that took. It brought me to tears. I felt so cared about. :)

They even shared resources for me to follow my nomadic dreams by following the group "Keep your daydreams"

Now where to go?

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