Who the fuck am I?

Right? Like.... really who am I, to think.......-rolls eyes- I'm some big hotshot that is offering services, and like.... I know everything? Nahh of course not. I know, only what I've experienced and how I've reflected, processed and related to the world and my experiences.

I am learning, always, you are learning always, but we can learn and grow together. I've long yearned to offer, share, empower educate others through sharing my education, knowledge, wisdom and powers...I've had dreams of "creating" some "program" that could reach thousands of people.... that would be sustainable and everlasting, that wouldn't cost much, but could change the world, save the world, or at-least improve our quality of life?????

Then insecurities hit.... Like.... really who am I? What have I been through that I didn't cause myself, that I didn't deserve -ugh- trigger word?



We all deserve what we manifest, what we yearn for, and what we put our energy into.

That means we are all equal in deserving worth, and pain, happiness and sorrow, and all of the energies in between around, up and down and the ones that can't even be named.

However. How can we access these energies, these practices what can we do to connect with the parts of ourselves that are sustainable, renewable, and free?

Acceptance, acceptance of where you are at during every moment in time, love yourself unconditionally for all energies you possess...all energies you share and all energies you lack. Everything.

You. Are. Divine.

Y'all --- it's soooo much easier said than done. -big sigh- that's why we practice!

It's really really really hard to create deep, lasting change under stress. Let's face it though, we all have stress....so be patient with yourself. :)

Meditate! just meditate...and all your dreams will come true. REALLY!

find a practice to be with yourself, to know yourself, to love yourself, that doesn't cost a thing, and that can center you no matter what, where or how!

Make it a ritual!

Know yourself, trust yourself, love yourself.

I've hated my femininity, beauty, flow, openness for much of my life...I felt so burdened and confused by how much I was led on, used, confused, taken advantage of, and it always came back to being a woman, being radiant, being trusting, being loving, being naive, being the flow, being always being.... fucking love. I never knew love is something to receive, until two years ago.... I always thought you had to do to others, through your lack, something to pay for, to ask for, you had to do all these things to get it....

True Love - Is Unconditional, it's the purest form of acceptance, and openness that lives in all of us.

So anyways.... I've begin to learn how to open my heart, and feel my own heart and move from that place of warmth, abundance, gratitude, authenticity, and I'm really grateful to be learning these practices now, though I'm sad I haven't had them before....

However, in practicing giving love, it's a power I possess in that I can deeply love, honor, and appreciate every single person, plant, element, voice, animal, object in the world with the intention of doing so.

However, I've been practicing where and when to share my love, and my light, and tune into when it's being welcomed, accepted, or rejected before, ya know. It hurts so much that I have to write a blog about it, or sing a song....or cope in someway. :-P

The deepest spiritual work you can do is connecting with your family if you've had a tender relationship with them, or finding your twin flame if they've not arrived yet.

I manifested a man to be my twin flame, though I realize he's a soul mate. It is a wild fucking ride to have found and be connected with him.

However, I've been healing, forgiving, and deepening connections with my parents and it feels enlivening and supportive, so....I feel safe and stable enough to offer my wisdom to you through understanding the power of connection, unconditional love and acceptance of myself and them.

The more you love yourself, the more you can love your parents, and..... your children as well. :)

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