I am a Life Coach!

I met with a client today, Jharasen and she teased me, looking at 3 notebooks with a bunch of scribbles “Are those your relationship notes?” She asked.

– Ugh. Yes. I said, -chuckling- and rolling my eyes. We work well together, able to meet each other. I adore her humor and having her as a client. She’s a single mom, running her own business, with three kids, I am soooo sooo happy to serve her.

I’m an all or nothing type of person, my all, doesn’t really compare to others all…. in different ways, but mostly. I give and give and give….and I’m just a giver! I want to be giving for the collective, I want to be investing in the future and the future of my friends, the people around me, my community, peoples dreams, supporting them bringing them up, listening in a mutually beneficial agreement. I’ve been like…. Super smart my whole life, but also really challenging….

I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way, or by doing them myself because I could outthink people’s own process and would get frustrated that I was smarter then them and discredit their entire process….To all of you….that this affected. I am so sorry. It wasn’t you…It was me power tripping. I feel sadness communicating this, but really it was a reflection of having incongruent relationship with my ego….

I’m learning that….people sense this shit, and it’s not connecting…. But I think it’s a pattern I’ve mostly worked through, and am again surrendering into the process, and journey of team work!

What is your worth? – know your worth. What is holding you back from connecting with your worth? What aren’t you doing in this moment that could be contributing to your future. Ugh…. Even writing this… so many….fucking insecurities. Here’s one! Honor where your at, if reading this sucks. Okay. It sucks for me too… You could… Just call me? It’s 40 dollars an hour. You could send me an email, or tune into other resources that are available….like…..What is your learning style? Everyone is different, and as a Life Coach, we will stay connected through learning and growing that supports where you are at! For me? I like to write, but that doesn’t always mean you like to read, so what’s your flavor for change? I’m all ears!

I’m moving in the direction of having many resources available for everyone I connect with, but for now, I’m doing one at a time. You gotta start somewhere right?

Now. I realize, it’s a gift to just listen, to empathize, to document, reflect back, to collaborate, to plan, to inspire, to empower, to build, to offer resources, to share….and that all of these things are what I will bring to you as a Life Coach.

We don't have to "fix" each other all the fucking time.

I won’t be perfect…but I we will get stronger together in time…and we ARE making positive change for the collective!

What do ya say? What's holding you back? :)

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