Space is a Gift

Outer space, inner space, all the space!

Space is an empowering component of boundaries and important for deepening awareness and self care.

It’s a new and shallow practice for me to know when, where, how to take space, and!!!!

I believe so FUCKING strongly in building a community where space isn’t needed....

Where we can all meet each other from the depths of our soul, that we can hold space and it can be healing and nourishing, that we can transcend together

Why do I say "building a community"

Anyone that follow community life knows that's a "dirty" word.


I wish, I wish upon a star(t)....

with all my hear(t)

to know a place like this on Earth, and maybe, that's the problem... Maybe my desiring to find it here... is what limits... me....

ALAS We are here now!

I’ve felt this depth of connection from very few humans... which validated that it’s alive and in our bodies!


Mostly I feel this from the animals I share time and space with, from the trees I swing and sway with, from the birds I hoop and cray with.... from the alternate energies I can't speak of, from the dark, unknown energy I relate so strongly too.

Over the past several years, I've allowed "certain" humans to tell me how to relate to my animals, that unhealthy need for unconditional support outside myself, is toxic.... it's deadening, is limiting, and it's over. I have a dick fucking(ya like that?) choice in how I relate to your direction. I will not be seduced, or misled.

Fuck off assholes.

We are a We.

We are equal.

We are worthy!

We don’t need space from each other and are able to show up as we are all the time.

We aren’t perfect but

This is life not heaven you don’t have to be perfect - Gia - #edmunsgenest


Holding Space Guided Meditation about acceptance is

Available On Spotify

Autumn and Oliver.

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